Dewitt Plastics
  • Custom P.O.P.

    Dewitt Plastics continually strives to build on a tradition dedicated to providing quality products and customer satisfaction. Using expanded design and production capabilities we have enhanced our ability to provide customized Visual Displays to our customers. Whether you are sourcing Shoe Risers, Point of Purchase Displays, or a completely unique component of a visual merchandising program, let Dewitt work with you to develop the ideal solution.

  • Footaction Custom Solution

    Dewitt offers more than stock shelves. Our goal of being a solution provider means that we strive to develop a product that will stand out and dynamically present your footwear and highlight your brand.

    For a budget conscious program, consider options from our Semi Custom Shoe Shelves. (Slatwall Shoe Shelves) If you are considering a completely custom program, contact us to discuss your design ideas. Utilizing our diverse manufacturing capabilities and a broad pallet of materials, we can present a product unique to your brand or store.

  • Custom Boxes/Packaging

    Dewitt's plastic boxes provide a durability often demanded for special packaging or material handling needs. Consideration of custom thermoformed or die cut foam inserts transform a standard box into a product specific solution.

    Consider custom thermoformed material handling trays as a solution to shipping or internal process difficulties.

    Provide a drawing or sample of your product and let us develop a proposal for you.

    The Dewitt 23 and 26 series injection molded boxes are also available with integral hang tabs at no additional cost, subject to minimums.

  • Custom Injection Molding

    Dewitt Plastics maintains a complete injection molding capability for our proprietary lines. This capability is available for custom molding requirements as well. Molding capacity ranges from 170 tons to 400 tons, with all auxiliary equipment necessary to mold and finish your parts.

    Post molding operations are a hallmark of Dewitt. Capabilities include:

    • Ultrasonic welding
    • Pad Printing
    • Hot Stamping
    • Machining and Drilling
    • Gluing and Bonding
    • Manual Assembly

    Value driven pricing and flexible molding schedules combine to provide an attractive alternative resource for your molding needs. Contact Dewitt for a quote with details of need and specific part information.

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    Thermoforming is a cost effective methodology for producing low to mid volume plastic components. Offering lower tooling costs and quicker completion than injection molding, it is an attractive alternative for many designs. Dewitt’s long history and extensive knowledge of thermoforming products for its proprietary lines is available for custom requirements as well.

    Post molding operations are a Dewitt hallmark. Capabilities include the following:

    • Pad Printing
    • Hot Stamping
    • CNC Trimming
    • Hydraulic Press Punching
    • Gluing and Bonding
    • Manual Assembly

    Aggressive pricing and attractive molding schedules. Contact Dewitt for a quote on your project.