Dewitt Plastics

    Our Economy Line is available in a broad range of sizes and configurations.

    Clarified polypropylene provides a product with excellent value. Durability and strength, combined with natural chemical resistant qualities of polypropylene, provide a plastic box that will stand up to nearly any application or use.

    Dewitt's integral molded hinge design complements the material strength, creating a total product designed for long life.

    The Economy Line is ideal for packaging applications. The most popular sizes, the 23 and 26 Series, are available with molded-in hang tabs for retail packaging. This feature is available at no extra cost, but is subject to minimum order requirements.


    Molded of modified acrylic plastic resin, the Sturdy Line provides a water clear box with Lite-Tuff quality. Available in most of the same sizes and compartment layouts as other Dewitt lines, with durable molded plastic hinges and positive friction catches. All Sturdy Line boxes have a special positive stacking feature designed to add additional flexibility to their use.

    The Sturdy Line is an excellent choice for applications that require both strength and image.


    Dewitt's Lifelong Line boxes are designed to be the toughest plastic boxes you can buy. Molded of modified acrylic.

    Every hinge on every Lifelong box is stainless steel and riveted for longest life. This important detail, in combination with our high performance molded-in friction catches and positive stacking feature, offers you one of the best plastic boxes in the industry.


    Dewitt's Conductive Line offers a cost effective solution to packaging and material handling applications of static sensitive components. Specially engineered conductive polypropylene material dissipates static and distributes charges. Surface resistivity 102 - 106 OHMS/SQ. Volume resistivity 102 - 106 OHMS/CU.

    Available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, the Conductive Line boxes are a valuable addition to your total static control program.

  • Series 1020 Plastic Boxes

    The Lightweight Line is unique among plastic boxes. Highly recognized in the fly fishing market, it's ideal for other applications, too.

    Formed from rugged, glass clear PETG, our Lightweight boxes are strong and amazingly light for their size - the perfect combination for hundreds of uses. Every Lightweight box has riveted stainless steel hinges for additional strength and longevity.

    If our standard designs do not meet your specific need, every Lightweight box can be customized with no costly mold charges. (Minimum quantity or set-up charges may apply.) Or tell us what you need in a completely custom box and we will gladly give you a quote. It's the perfect solution to a hard-to-satisfy need, for a low volume custom application, or for market development and testing uses.

  • Ammo Box Organizer Inserts 1

    Dewitt now offers unique, high quality Organizer Inserts, with latching hinged covers, specifically designed for use with the 50 Cal. Ammo Box and all ammo boxes with the same base dimensions. Three Dewitt Organizer Inserts fit perfectly into each 50 Cal. Ammo Box. Each is equipped with lifting provision for easy removal. The Dewitt Organizer Inserts are molded in tough, clarified polypropylene and are available in five different compartment configurations.

    Now there is a quality Ammo Box Organizer Insert consistent with the quality of the ammo box itself.